Corsair Carbide 500r Mid-Size Tower Review

The Corsair Carbide 500r is an atx mid tower that performs just as well as it looks. Okay, deciding what looks good is left up to the individual… but you can’t deny the performance of this case! With four 5.25″, six 3.5″ hard drive bays (that can also fit 2.5″), and eight expansion slots, the 500r is ready to house whatever you throw at it. The case has a built-in I/O panel on the front that contains two USB 3.0 ports, one firewire port, headphone/mic, power/reset, multi-switch to control external fan rpm, and a toggle for the white fan LEDs.

Speaking of fans, the 500r comes built with a 200mm side panel fan, two front-mounted 120mm fans, and one rear 120mm fan. If you’re looking to expand, the case has six 120mm/140mm fan mounts and four 120mm fan mounts. Perhaps one of my favorite specs about this case is the expandability. I can’t stand being locked into a certain build purely because of the case.

In addition to expandability, the ease of access the case provides is second to none. With thumbscrews and tool-free drive installation, it takes a fraction of the time to swap components out. Cable management is a breeze with natural routing paths providing a clean and tidy interior.

My verdict on the Corsair Carbide 500r

Although pushing for smaller and smaller builds is the norm these days, the Corsair Carbide 500r offers all the advantages and more of a mid-size atx tower. The expandability and clean and modular design sum to offer a case that is hard to dislike.

Corsair Carbide 500r

Corsair Carbide 500r








  • Sleek design
  • Expandability
  • Stock fans offer great cooling


  • Larger case may suggest you need longer than normal cords (SATA, data, etc...)