AMD Ryzen 3

The reviews are in on the AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and 1300X. Here are the compiled results from four reviews:

ReviewerScoreNormalized ScoreProsCons
Trusted Reviews4/580/100Price, Good gaming performanceUnambitious clock speeds, Overclocking isn't rewarding
Tech Radar4.5/590/100Impeccable value, Significantly faster video encoding, More cores than most budget CPUsLagging benchmark scores, Runs a little too warm
Hot Hardware4.5/590/100Good Performance, All Quad-Cores, Low Power Consumption, Competitive PricingTypically Trails Core i3 In Single-Thread Workloads, Moderate Overclocking
Techspot90/10090/100The R3 1200 overclocks well (even for a Ryzen CPU) and doing so put it nearly on par with the i5-7500,
Overclocking is enabled by low temps,
Low power consumption along with a great box cooler,
Beats anything Intel has at the same price points
The R3 1300X is less attractive than the 1200 considering it costs $20 more and only overclocks another 100MHz

AMD Ryzen 3

AMD Ryzen 3

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  • Good gaming performance
  • Impeccable value
  • Good Performance
  • The R3 1200 overclocks well


  • Overclocking isn't rewarding
  • Runs a little too warm
  • Typically Trails Core i3 In Single-Thread Workloads
  • The R3 1300X is less attractive than the 1200 due to price per performance